Mark Witherspoon (Spoon)

Photo's By Spoon

An avid photographer who got lost in everyday work and family, and the hustle and bustle of life. When I finally realized I had nothing to do with my off time, which is not that much, I went back to an old friend "Photography". Things have changed since the film days, dark rooms, shooting high school yearbooks etc... but my love for taking photo's just needed a jump-start. Two years ago, I was reading an online article by Dusty Doddridge, and clicked on his link at the end of it. Well my friends that is where things changed. After inquiring about a workshop, which I had never done because I was afraid of being embarrassed or not good enough, Dusty convinced me to give it a try. Well I did, and yes I was not quite up to par, but the juices were flowing again, and learning new techniques and composition and seeing a "few" nice end results, I was very stoked to say the least. A few trips, later with Dusty Doddridge and Josh Merill, I'm back! With still a ton of things to improve on, at least I'm getting away from the 9-5 and enjoying some incredible scenery from across the country, this is my so-called platform to let you see what I have captured. Enjoy! and remember to slow down and take time to do what you really love.